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The game features 34 single player levels, as well as 6 levels, a movie-viewer and several other image viewer sections. This demo features only the opening three levels of the game.

The storyline of the game pits Marvel character Spider-Man against his arch doctor octopus in a battle to save the citizens of New York. Spidey encounters a slew of thugs, lizard men and other enemies including Mysterio and Carnage.
Download : Spiderman

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andi mengatakan...

thx be4 game'y..
klw ble spiderman 3 ad g?
cz ade' ngebet baed pgn maen.hheeX

Hamas Izzet Qordhowi mengatakan...

OK.ntar insya Allah ane post
yg kloter 3 ny.
sing Sabar,ok

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